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If you want your business to generate more sales, respond swiftly to market forces/competitor activity and increase profitability then you might like to consider implementing a telesales strategy.

It can be done relatively quickly. You may already have resources in-house that can be re-allocated.

It can have an immediate impact. You will reach more customers in a short space of time.

It will deliver an excellent return on investment. You will generate sales at a low cost per sale ratio.

We can show you how

We use best practice from years of experience to identify the right sales systems, processes and protocol for your business.

Whether you use one dedicated telesales person or develop a team to drive the business forward, telesales is a cost effective way of generating new business, increasing profitability and delivering excellent customer service. How you utilise that resource is critical.

Those of you that have a team of sales specialists that visit clients will be aware that they are limited as to how many calls they can make each day, week, month and quarter. This may vary greatly depending on the distances involved and the geographical area each specialist covers.

Their time is extremely valuable. Calculating the average cost per client visit for each rep shows how crucial it is that it’s used effectively. Making every customer contact count has an impact on the bottom line.

Are they getting to see the decision makers? How many calls/visits do they need to make for a sale? Are they getting repeat business? Are they just turning up to take an order?

consultingAs an example, where it’s not practical or cost effective for a rep to visit a client as frequently as you would like – telesales may provide the answer.

A telesales specialist can call the client between visits as part of the call cycle. They can generate high quality leads, upsell or cross-sell products or services or introduce new products or services.

Depending on the products or services offered, structured carefully field sales and telesales can work independently or in partnership to jointly manage an account.  This can be a very effective and productive way to build a sales territory or account base.

Whether or not you have sales specialists on the road, there is a telesales strategy that’s right for your business – from managing specific campaigns and promotions to full blown account management.


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