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What could an effective telesales operation do for your business?

Field sales representatives are an expensive commodity so it is imperative that their actual face to face selling time is maximised. This is where telesales can help.

Well trained telesales with accurate, up to date data and pre-defined campaigns are able to deliver qualified, quality leads direct to your sales force.

By asking the right questions of prospects and customers telesales can either manage the lead or route the lead to the appropriate next stage. In our experience the more empowered your telesales professionals are the better the results.

Telephone TrainingGiven the number of contacts that telesales make in a day this can be a very cost effective method of generating good quality leads. Where a field sales rep can visit 1 – 10 customers or prospects per day – telesales can reach well in excess of 50. This means that depending on the quality of the data and the types of call being made – on average a telesales representative will be making between 10 – 20 calls per hour. So not only is it a cost effective way of generating leads it can be done in a relatively short period of time.

The most important aspect is preparation. Telesales will need to be clear on what the ideal prospect looks like, what their key objectives are and the process for each lead. Every lead requires planning, targeting and qualifying.

The quality of the lead comes from customer profiling and understanding what makes a good customer. Reviewing the characteristics and qualities of your existing customers will enable you to identify your ideal prospect. This information will help you develop a robust and ongoing lead generation strategy.

The number of leads you want to generate will depend on the number of leads your product specialists can handle. With this in mind you may want to make lead generation one activity rather than the sole activity for your telesales team. The campaign can be adjusted according to the numbers. Telesales offer a flexible approach and activity can be switched or scaled up or down very quickly.

Telesales are also ideally placed to gather up to the minute market information. This can be passed on immediately to sales representatives and product specialists allowing the organisation to react quickly to changes in the market.

Training is key. Don’t make the mistake that only your product specialists or customer facing personnel need to have an understanding of your products, services and processes. Telesales are ambassadors of your brand and may well be the first introduction to your company a new customer has so first impressions count.

With complex products and services telesales will need an reasonable understanding so they can speak with confidence and lead the prospect seamlessly to the next stage.

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