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Inbound Sales

What could an effective telesales operation do for your business?

Inbound salesB2B sales can be a complex environment and there is no one size fits all solution. The role you create for your inbound sales teams will be determined by your market place, your offering and of course your customers’ wants and needs.

Technology affords customers a plethora of choice as to how and when they make contact with their suppliers. Communication technology is constantly changing the way we do business. Businesses need to be able to respond and adapt to these changes. But despite living and working in an online era people still want human interaction and will pick up the phone to speak to someone.

Inbound sales teams are there to pick up the phone and take the call. They are responsible for managing that call. Well trained, knowledgeable staff will lead the customer or prospect through to the best outcome for them.

These inbound sales teams will work closely with their colleagues in marketing as part of a fully integrated and fully aligned sales and marketing process. Marketing is responsible for creating a demand for your product and service – generating leads and leading customers to inbound sales.

Please note we refer to sales here NOT order takers. Taking an order may be part of the role but it’s not the whole picture. Managed well inbound sales is a proactive role not a reactive one.

They will look to convert inbound leads to sales and implement follow up methods to generate repeat business and develop the business further. They will help the customer, close sales, upsell and/or cross-sell whilst providing an excellent customer service.

Inbound sales speak to more customers on a daily basis than anyone else in the organisation. They are therefore ideally placed to pick up on changes in the market or competitor activity that is having an impact giving you the opportunity to respond quickly.

With this amount of direct contact with customers it is essential that they represent your brand impeccably communicating your brand message consistently in a way that makes customers want to buy from you. Empowerment is key if they are to make every customer contact count.

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