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Market Research

What could an effective telesales operation do for your business?

Market research is a key component of any business strategy.

Telesales, both inbound and outbound, are in an ideal position to gather up to the minute information about the market, about your customers and your competitors.

This information collated effectively gives an insight into the market enabling you to make informed decisions, create relevant solutions and tailored campaigns.

Undertaking market research using telesales is pretty simple to set up. A telesales operation of any size can be mobilised quickly to find out what is happening in the market and can react quickly to changing market conditions.

Telephone TrainingEach telesales representative is having over fifty conversations a day with customers and prospects. This means they have access to a rich resource of market information by simply asking a few key questions as part of the conversation. Depending on the insight you are looking for this could be as simple as asking a single question at the end of every order or customer service query to a more formal customer questionnaire or survey.

This market intelligence will drive future campaigns enabling you to target your efforts more effectively and improve your success rates. It will help to identify key trends so you can anticipate changes in the market and adapt your marketing to suit.

Telesales activity that involves account management will naturally come across rich tit bits of market information from their customers where they have built strong relationships. Due to the nature of these relationships Account Managers responsible for a portfolio of accounts are likely to have more in depth conversations with their customers enabling them to undertake more qualitative research. This is where they can find out why a customer chooses a certain product, what factors determine their spend or how they choose their supplier.

Having got to know their customers and built up a high level of trust Account Managers may find themselves in a position where they can influence and guide their customers with their purchasing decisions.

Understanding your market, your customers needs and of course, your competitors is vital for organisations and businesses of any size. Market research therefore needs to be a planned and regular activity.

Telesales provide a cost effective way of including market research as part of your marketing strategy helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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