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What could an effective telesales operation do for your business?

Telesales teams both inbound and outbound have more contact with customers than anyone else in the business. The number of calls they make and take affords them the opportunity to speak to at least 50 customers and prospects per rep every day.

Telephone TrainingThis is the fastest and smartest route to staying in touch with what is really going on in your market place. You literally have multiple ears to the ground picking up on any gossip about your competitors and alerting you to any problems or new activity.

It is very important to understand your company’s position in the market place and how you rate against the competition. Who are your competitors and what are the differentiators? Why should potential clients choose you over your competitors? How can you stop competitors stealing your customers?

This is where telesales are invaluable. The amount of quality contact telesales have with customers on a daily basis puts them in the ideal position to monitor and collate competitor activity.

In addition, the quality of the conversations telesales have with customers gives them the opportunity to solicit more in depth information from customers. For example, they can ask customers who else they considered before they chose you or if they use any other suppliers. If so, who?

Another way to keep track of how your competitors are performing is to get telesales to call them and place an order. You can obtain a lot of useful information with this method. How long were you waiting until they picked up the phone? Was the product you ordered in stock? How knowledgeable was the rep that answered the phone? How would you rate the service you received? Were you impressed? Would you buy from them based on this experience?

Regular monitoring like this will give you a real sense of what is going on with the competition. Are they improving? How pro-active are they? And most important of all – are you better than they are?

Stay in touch with your customers and build strong long term relationships. That’s the best way to prevent competitors stealing your customers and ensure you retain your market share.

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