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canstockphoto10230869Establishing a dedicated telesales operation has tremendous benefits. Done well, it can drive sales revenue, increase profitability and improve customer loyalty.

Determining the right communication strategy for your business is crucial. Every contact your people make with every customer needs to count.

Some may say that telesales is a numbers game. Well we firmly believe that telesales is a people business. It’s about connecting with people and building relationships.

What are the challenges your business or industry is facing right now?  Are you looking to:


 Developing a pro-active telesales operation is easily the most important change your business can make to increase revenue and profitability.

canstockphoto12712612So how easy is it to set up?  Well firstly consider what resources are required for your strategy.  Then think about what resources you may already have available and can tap into.

Please bear in mind that the skill set required for pro-active outbound sales calls is very different from the skill set used for inbound sales and customer service. Trying to cajole the latter to make pro-active outbound sales calls can often be a recipe for disaster.

However, setting up your own telesales team utilising existing resource or recruiting part-time personnel at the outset allows you to keep costs low.  You can build your team at a pace to suit your business.

Outsourcing initially and set up correctly can also provide a cost effective solution.

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Making every customer contact count